Big Sexy Food Brings a New Level of Style to Fayetteville Food Trucks

By this point there are few people out there who have not dined from at least a few food trucks in their life. We have ate trucks in a few dozen states with everything from tacos to spring rolls, korean bbq to cookies and milk. Occasionally I get wowed by some dishes but rarely an entire concept. Big Sexy Food in the Yacht Club on College in Fayetteville did that.

Big Sexy tries to bring a sit down restaurant experience to a food truck, and by and large does a really good job at nailing it. Part of this works with the Yacht Club setting where customers can easily sit down and enjoy a meal at one of the tables scattered around the area. The necessity for hand held food is not as big of a deal here.

“I really wanted to bring a nice dining experience to the food truck,” owner Brent Hale tells us. “We really treat this like a restaurant, mostly because we started the truck wanting to be primarily a popup restaurant.”

On the menu you will find several fork and knife meals you normally would expect only on a restaurant menu like a bone-in pork chop, pork tenderloin, sauteed shrimp, and chicken and waffles. All are served on much nicer than average plates for something that is much more than a traditional truck feel.

For a somewhat more traditional fare Big Sexy also does really good burgers, however even with these you will find something a little more than a typical burger. Their beef wellington burger takes a classic beef wellington concept that has been done a million times in fine dining settings and makes a burger out of it. They start with a great burger wrap it in puff pastry, fry it, then top it with duxelles (chopped mushrooms, onions, shallots, and butter paste) like a classic wellington.

Hale has certainly put time in kitchens throughout his career, and knows his way around good dining. He spent time in Texas as a chef where he started his own catering company before finding his way to Fayetteville several years ago. The food truck was not the first plan for Hale, but it seems to be paying off.

“I was operating Big Sexy as a private chef service and hoping to do popup dinners when I realized it would make a lot of sense to use a food truck to work out of,” Hale says. “Then we had the opportunity to set up at the Yacht club which was nice because it gave us a permanent spot which helped with the desire to make it a nicer dining experience.”

In addition to the truck, Hale offers things like caterings and private chef services that can accommodate as little as two people and can be in home or setup at a remote location. Along with the Big Sexy menu catering and private chef clients can choose from several different menus including seafood, steak, Italian and more along with a bar program, or he can cater any menu to fit the style and tastes of each person.

Also keep an eye out for his popup dinners. We hit up one last month at Hello Cocoa in Fayetteville. The popup was set five course menu, this time incorporating parts of Hello Cocoa’s chocolate in every course. Hale appears to be the first doing popup dinners in Fayetteville, although they are very popular in other cities. It gives a chef a chance to serve a restaurant style meal service without the expense of operating a full restaurant.

The truck along with its menu is always available to rent out for parties and catering as well.

Take a chance to get over to the Yacht Club on 617 N College sometime. They are open Monday – Saturday for both lunch and dinner, be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page for daily specials.


Big Sexy Food Brings a New Level of Style to Fayetteville Food Trucks