Chef Shuttle Expands to Northwest Arkansas Brings Delivery Service to Rogers and Bentonville

Little Rock based restaurant delivery service, Chef Shuttle, announced today that they are expanding their footprint with the launch of Chef Shuttle Northwest Arkansas. Starting Wednesday, June 17 at dinnertime, customers will be able to order their favorite food and have it delivered directly to their homes and offices.

“For months, we’ve received requests from customers and restaurants encouraging us to bring Chef Shuttle to northwest Arkansas. The wait is now over,” said Ryan Herget, president and CEO of Chef Shuttle. “We’re looking forward to offering northwest Arkansas the same convenient, affordable and customer-driven delivery service we’ve been able to provide in central Arkansas and Memphis.”

Chef Shuttle, who started up in Little Rock last year, works by forming partnerships with local restaurants for food delivery. Customers are able to order on from (usually) a full restaurant menu at the in-store menu prices plus a $4.95 delivery fee. Chef Shuttle drivers are then dispatched to the restaurant to pick up your order and deliver it. Payment and tip is all handled through the website so no awkward delivery guys standing around on your doorstep waiting for their tip or trying to sign a receipt against the side of your door with the rain. All transported in insulated bags to keep the food fresh.

Our extensive Chef Shuttle experience in Little Rock has yielded fresh, warm food in a little under an hour with very rare exception. Initial service will begin in Rogers and Bentonville with deliveries to zip codes 72712, 72718, 72756 and 72758. Chef Shuttle hopes to expand service to Fayetteville and Springdale as well as a larger footprint to existing areas later in the year.

Restaurants interested in offering delivery through Chef Shuttle can contact Chef Shuttle directly, or contact us and we can work to set you and provide additional support to get the word out.



Chef Shuttle Expands to Northwest Arkansas Brings Delivery Service to Rogers and Bentonville