Chefs Share: Jerrmy Gawthrop Shares Wood Stone’s Famous Meatball Recipe

As if he hasn’t given us enough already!

With local favorite Fayetteville gems Greenhouse Grille, Wood Stone Craft Pizza, and the major success, Fayetteville Roots Festival, on his long list of accomplishments, Chef Jerrmy Gawthrop isn’t finished movin’ and shakin’ things up here in Northwest Arkansas.

Very little contemplation led me to hit him up as our next contributor in our Chefs Share series.

Gawthrop has a reputation for collaboration and connecting with the community that precedes him.  His inclusive, positive guru-ish outlooks on food and fun, and life-in-general are also absolutely contagious.

You feel it in his restaurants.  You experience it at his events.  And you taste it in his food.

And now he’s giving up the goods on one of their wildly popular dishes at Wood Stone just for us!

I advise before you begin the task of making these exceptional Garlic & Herb Meatballs… before you nest them into a dreamy bed of Creamy Parmesan Polenta… and before you spoon warm marinara over it all and let petals of cheese and parsley fall from your fingertips on top like the final notes in a freaking slow-motion food symphony…  that you set an intention.

Close your eyes.  Breathe.

Tell yourself, “I will only take my good vibes with me into the kitchen.”

Then play some Umphrey’s McGee LOUD during prep.

Because that’s how Gawthrop would do it, and I’m positive it’s one of his secrets.

(story continues after recipe)

Download (PDF, 269KB)

Download (PDF, 266KB)

Chef Jerrmy’s favorite tomato sauces are ones kept simple.

Spend the money on the best San Marzano tomatoes you can find and you’ll have great success with the most minimalist of recipes.  If you don’t already have a favorite, try this Marinara Worth Mastering recipe from the New York Times Recipe Lab.  It’s a purist’s dream.

One more tip: try adding a little lemon zest to the meatball mixture.  He says he loves the note of unexpected brightness that can add and it was included in a prior recipe at the restaurant.

Serve these meatballs in a big bowl for one, on a platter family-style, or just carry them around with you on a fork, a delicious savory lollipop, like a chef on-the-go would.

Let the “mmmmm”s begin!

They just dropped the 2017 lineup for Fayetteville Roots Festival on Tuesday and tickets are going fast!  Don’t miss out on all the music, killer culinary events, and memories, people.  It gets better and better every year.  Follow updates and sneak peeks on social media @fayettevilleroots, and purchase tickets here.


Chefs Share: Jerrmy Gawthrop Shares Wood Stone’s Famous Meatball Recipe