Cookies and Milk Food Truck Set to Open in Fayetteville

Visitors to downtown Fayetteville will soon be able to get a taste of cookies and milk from the Chunky Dunk food truck located at the corner of Block and Spring Streets (at 201 N. Block, to be precise).

Sara Slimp is a graduate student in social work weeks away from finishing her degree and weeks away from launching her food venture, which will officially open May 17 for the Block Street Block Party.

“It’s funny because it’s a concept that seems like it’s so simple,” she said. “People thought it was such as great idea. I think there’s something simple for everyone about cookies and milk.”

The truck will offer a variety of cookies – starting with chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter and sugar – vanilla, chocolate and marshmallow cream icings and a variety of toppings including chocolate sauce, potato chips and bananas.

A single cookie will cost $1.50, while two cookies cost $3 and a sandwich with icing and one topping runs $5.

Some signature sandwiches will be offered, such as the Chunk, made with one peanut butter cookie and one chocolate chip cookie, chocolate icing, Butterfingers and pretzels. The Happy Camper mimics a smore with chocolate chip cookies, marshmallow cream and graham cracker crumbs, while the Liz Lemon pairs peanut butter cookies, chocolate frosting and potato chips.

Slimp said she’d like to do monthly or weekly specials, such as the Woo Cream Sooie for football season, which would be red velvet cookies with cream cheese frosting and bacon.

The truck will also offer plain, chocolate and chocolate mint milk. She’s thinking about trying steaming milk with cereal to make flavored milks at some point, as well as offering hot chocolate in the winter and horchata (a sort of cinnamony rice milk served cold and made at Blackboard Grocery & Eatery) in the summer.

The name of the food truck – Chunky Dunk – came about when her aunt showed her a cartoon with the caption “I don’t skinny dip, I chunky dunk” and she thought chunky dunk sounds like something you do with cookies and milk.

The logo, designed by UA apparel studies major Jordan Stokke, features Slimp’s English lab Chandler.

“He just looks fat even though he’s not,” she says. “He’s the unofficial mascot of the truck” and will be hanging out there a lot.Chunky Dunk Truck

The truck’s space is on a corner grassy lot with three picnic tables and a laid-back feel, which she says she hopes will attract people who might have been intimidated by food trucks in the past.

“It’s just milk and cookies, it’s not scary,” she said. “It’s something everyone can enjoy.”

As much as it is a place to hang out with friends, it’s also a space and a business that’s being produced with the help of friends. Slimp is hosting a painting party to refurbish the truck she’s renting and has enlisted friends to help with the decor.

Her boyfriend has made beanbag toss games and others are working on a giant chalkboard where donors to her gofundme campaign – which raised $1,500 in a day and more than $2,200 in about a week – will be listed.

“I wasn’t planning to do that at all,” she said of the crowdfunding campaign, which she noted will be used to update equipment and decorate the space. “I was pretty overwhelmed” by its success but, “I wouldn’t have had that support if people didn’t feel like that was what I was supposed to be doing.”

The truck may have a soft opening before the block party, and regular hours are still in flux, though Slimp says the truck will be open for the Saturday farmers’ market. Check out the Chunky Dunk Facebook page for more information.


Cookies and Milk Food Truck Set to Open in Fayetteville