First Look: Bentonville Butcher and Pint Mixes Quality Meats with a Welcoming Atmosphere

Bentonville’s culinary offerings continue to expand exponentially. While the downtown area is filling up with new bars and eateries everyday, the market continues to grow further and further out from the downtown epicenter. Travelling away from the square, it is hard not to spot a new construction or renovation happening on nearly every block of the evolving city. Butcher and Pint is a new spot in an old space.

The building once housed the Bentonville Butcher and Deli, which had been around for a little over a decade. Earlier this year, there was a change in ownership and Chef Travis McConnell was brought in to help build a fresh concept while retaining a central focus on butchery.

Butcher and Pint (B&P) is a hybrid sports bar concept, with big screen televisions hanging in view at every angle in the dining area, and a long butcher’s case filled with house smoked bacon, fresh sausages, and cuts of beef, pork, and chicken available, making it quite different than the run-of-the-mill sports bars that most are used to. The atmosphere is very clean and modern without feeling to sleek. White tile and raw wood tables and benches, along with an open kitchen and friendly staff make for a welcoming feeling.

The food is comforting, too. McConnell has assembled a menu that at quick glance seems very familiar, but in reality it is taking the bar food and barbecue concept to a higher level.

House made sausages and smoked bologna are central to the ‘Smoked, Stuffed and Ground’ section of the menu, along with slow smoked brisket, 12 hour smoked pork shoulder, ½ smoked chicken, and baby back ribs. Each plate is served with a choice of meat and two sides, along with B&P pickles and warm bread. Speaking of sides, there are several to choose from; mac and cheese, baked pinto beans, and baked potato casserole to name a few.

One of the most intriguing sections of the B&P menu is the starters and small plates. Called ‘Something for the Soul,’ these are dishes that truly showcase the marriage of the butcher shop and sports bar concepts. Chicken Cracklins’ tops the list. A generous helping of crispy fried chicken skin, well seasoned and served with hot sauce. NWA is chicken country after all, and this dish is a sound and simple celebration of the bird.

There are also some bar stool staples such as hand cut fries, onion rings and a make your own nachos section (short rib nachos!). Two versions of poutine are available as well; a more traditional style with cheese curds, fries and gravy, and a pulled pork version with cheddar.

The salad menu, Native Greenery, has five salads to offer from the traditional such as a Caesar or a Cobb salad, to the extraordinary, like the kale and smoked salmon salad with feta, almonds, cranberry and honey mustard.

B&P also offers ½ pound “Six Napkin Punch-Yourself-in-the-Face burgers” and a varied selection of sandwiches as well. The Louisiana Surf & Turf offers fried oysters and bacon with shredded lettuce, local tomatoes and hot sauce-mayonnaise on white bread, while the Mountainous Lute is geared towards the light eater, with smoked turkey, swiss, shaved apple, red onion and pesto mayonnaise on whole wheat.

The bar area is still developing but currently offers ten locally brewed beers on tap as well as growler service for those on the go. With so many options on offer, Butcher and Pint will certainly stand out in NWA as destination spot to sit back, swill beer, dine on swine and watch the game. I spoke with Chef Travis about Butcher and Pint and his new home here in the Ozarks.

Butcher and Pint is located at 1201 S Walton Blvd Ste 105 in Bentonville, and is open daily 10:00 am – 10:30 pm.




First Look: Bentonville Butcher and Pint Mixes Quality Meats with a Welcoming Atmosphere