First Look: Golden Kolache Bakery in Fayetteville

Expatriate Texans in Arkansas, rejoice! The Golden Kolache, formerly of Johnson, Arkansas, has moved to 3327 West Wedington Drive in Fayetteville (by the Green Beetle). Open at 6:30 a.m. until they sell out every Tuesday through Sunday, the bakery is quickly making a mark in Fayetteville.

The increased traffic of Wedington has been great for the reasonably priced scratch bakery.  Even many that were regulars in Johnson have commented that the new location is an easier stop between home and work. And, although the location has changed, the shop’s mission, “…to not only serve you fresh baked foods with the finest freshest ingredients possible, but also to imbue the foods we serve with the energy of love & joy,” certainly hasn’t. Each customer receives a greeting, and is advised on what pastries to choose.

If you aren’t from Texas (or Eastern Europe), maybe you aren’t familiar with the kolache. Traditionally a sweet, yeast pastry pillow with a dollop of fruit filling hidden in the center, the kolache was brought to America in the late 1800s by Czech immigrants. Many of those immigrants settled in Texas in a broad stripe across the state known as the Czech belt. Over the years, the kolache became the unofficial pastry of Texas. Now, the kolache is poised to become the next big donut revolution as it moves north, east, and west of its adopted home.

While the traditional pastry is sweet, the Americanized (Texas) version of the Kolache can be served savory or sweet, and The Golden Kolache offers both sweet and savory varieties. Sweet versions include fruit and cream cheese fillings while the savory variations, reminiscent of the Runza of central Nebraska, offer a filling of bacon, ham, or sausage with cheese.

Additionally, The Golden Kolache also offers better known pastries including large cinnamon rolls, muffins, and Danishes. While seating is limited, there are tables available so you can sit back, enjoy a pastry, a coffee, and the steady stream of personalities that walk through their doors.



First Look: Golden Kolache Bakery in Fayetteville