First Look: Shelli’s Sugar Shack Rolls Out At Fayetteville’s The Yacht Club

Here’s a true statement: The food truck scene in Northwest Arkansas boasts some of the most interesting and unique offerings in the state. No location typifies this more than Fayetteville’s The Yacht Club on College. This small food truck gathering is the essence of what the food truck movement came to stand for — intriguing but approachable food, and an often funky, offbeat eating experience. With great offerings like The Green Goat and Kona Coast Tacos already firmly planted in this location, there’s already good reason to pay them a visit as often as possible. But now you’ve got another excuse to make it over to The Yacht Club…

Last week saw the opening of Fayetteville’s freshest food truck…and this one’s got a few tricks up its sleeve. Shelli’s Sugar Shack offers up a whole host of delectable desserts, and most are anything but traditional. Here you’ll find a playful and entertaining take on many classics alongside several desserts that you’ve probably never encountered before in your life.

Owner Shelli Cater says, “To me, food is an art. I love to create and I believe my desserts are unique in themselves. I’m always trying things new and I’m not afraid to experiment with different flavors.”

And her experimentation and think-outside-the-box approach to desserts is paying off. She’s baking great treats, and if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’re going to want to get in on this.

Shelli says, “I love to mix savory and sweet. It awakens your taste buds.” This is evident in one of her most popular items, the Mango Jalapeño Cupcake — a soft white cake with intervening layers of buttercream frosting, with chewy coconut and candied mango, and a hint of jalapeño. Don’t sleep on this one, folks.

Other favorites include her devilish “Triple Layer Cake” with different cake layers — chocolate fudge, funfetti, and chocolate chip, held together with white chocolate ganache. She’s also very proud of her salted caramel Samoa bars with two layers of chocolate and caramel, with brownie chunks, and bits of Samoa Girl Scout cookies. Carrot walnut pineapple cake, strawberry zucchini cake, cookies, brownies, rice krispies treats, cobblers…the options go on and on.

You can catch Shelli’s Sugar Shack at The Yacht Club on 617 S. College St, Fayetteville. Phone: (479) 387-5365. Her hours are Tuesday to Saturday 11 am — 3 pm. You can follow them on Facebook here. Hop on over and say “hi” to Shelle.IMG_0015-1024x683



First Look: Shelli’s Sugar Shack Rolls Out At Fayetteville’s The Yacht Club