Get to Know: Lucy’s Diner in Rogers

I had driven past Lucy’s Diner in Rogers the previous day, and had given some serious thought to stopping in. I’ve always been a diner fan. There is a sense of history when you walk into a diner whether it is recently opened or not. Menus based on classic all-American fare combined with retro ambiance make me happy. Little did I know, recently named Lucy’s (which has locations in Fort Smith, Fayetteville, and Rogers) as the best diner in the state of Arkansas.

On my visit, the diner was busy, and the variety of people was interesting. There were teens at one table and retirees at another. A man in his thirties sat at the table directly across from me, and a middle-aged couple sat on the other side.

The menu, designed with a fun, retro feel was large but not overwhelming. You have to simply decide if you want a sandwich, dinner, or breakfast. Breakfast is served at any time in this 24 hour restaurant. Breakfast items include 3 egg omelets, pancakes, and waffles. The sandwiches include an old school Reuben, burgers, clubs, and my personal favorite, the Philly Cheese. Dinners are true diner style. Meatloaf, chicken fried steaks, and the Sunday Special of Turkey with dressing are standouts on the menu.

After looking over the menu and pondering my options, I went with a sandwich and fries. It took two baskets to serve me my meal. One basket was filled with fries and the other with my Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. The fries were freshly cut (not from frozen), and the sandwich was overloaded with chipped beef, onion, and melted cheese. It was delicious, but I was still a little jealous of the guy sitting at the table next to mine. He had ordered pancakes, and they looked amazing. In a few short minutes I was jealous again. The server delivered a giant omelet to the couple to my right. Now, I wanted an omelet.

A manager on duty, David Barnum, told me to be sure to try the pie. I opted to have the chocolate and peanut butter pie. It came garnished with a little extra whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Excellent pie. I felt stuffed, overwhelmed with the amount I’d eaten. It seems that Lucy’s offers free pie Monday and Thursday from 4 until 9 pm with an entrée and drink purchase. By the way, they also offer over 100 soft drink options, and kids eat free every Tuesday with the purchase of each adult meal.


Get to Know: Lucy’s Diner in Rogers