Hello Cocoa Becomes Markham and Fitz

Fayetteville based chocolate maker Hello Cocoa is undergoing a name change to coincide with their move to Bentonville’s 8th Street Market. The new space and product will be known as Markham & Fitz.

Markham & Fitz co-owner Lauren Blanco said the rebranding made sense to prevent any potential trademark issues for the growing company, which has posted revenue increases of more than 60 percent per year since its 2015 opening. The new Markham & Fitz is named after the middle name of co-owner Preston Stewart’s 4-year-old son and Blanco’s Aussiedoodle, Fitz.

Hello Cocoa got started on the west side of Fayetteville three years ago, but saw a huge opportunity with the emerging 8th Street Market. They were among the very first tenants we became aware of after Brightwater and Bike Rack Brewing anchored the space.

“Preston and Lauren create the tastiest chocolate bars found anywhere, and we can’t wait for their opening at 8th Street Market in Bentonville,” said Bea Apple of 8th Street Market. “Markham & Fitz joins a rich core of organizations that will call 8th Street Market home. These businesses are committed to local and sustainable food, culinary entrepreneurship and quality that exceeds their customers’ expectations.”

They are expected to open the new location later this year and will introduce new chocolates, specialty cocktails, and perhaps more product than a chocolate based branding allows.

“Markham & Fitz is our next step in a business that has grown beyond our expectations,” Blanco said. “We are blessed to provide a quality product sourced from growers and distributors committed to sustainability and ethical practices. We believe our commitment to ethics and sustainability set us apart, and we are glad our retail customers locally and our wholesale customers across the country have rewarded us with their business.

“As we grow as a company and move to a new location, we’ve set a higher standard for our products that will lead to a better overall customer experience,” Blanco added.

The larger retail space in 8th Street Market gives Markham & Fitz an opportunity to offer a dessert bar with drinks and to engage in some creative collaborations with other tenants of Northwest Arkansas’s new culinary hub.


Hello Cocoa Becomes Markham and Fitz