Places to Eat Both You and Your Kids Will Like

As parents, we still want to go out to eat with the whole family from time to time, but we don’t want to be subjected to the dreaded “kid-friendly” restaurants if we can avoid it. I took to Facebook to ask my parent friends about restaurants that their kids love that they enjoy dining at, too. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite to add to your list, and I’d love to hear your favorites in the comments.

Apple Blossom Brewing Co. is probably the favorite of everyone in our family. Almost everything is great here, from the spinach did to the salads, sandwiches and fish and chips. The girl loves the grilled cheese, which is actually quite tasty, but it’s her favorite because we always order dessert when we go there. There’s always a different creme brulee, and if it’s not a flavor to her liking there’s always the chocolate chip pecan pie.

Speaking of grilled cheese, we also all like Hammontree’s Grilled Cheese. Even though they serve grilled cheese, it doesn’t feel like a kid restaurant (maybe because of the giant bar). Kids and grownups alike will enjoy the plain-Jane and more upscale sandwiches, relaxed atmosphere and giant pteranodon hanging from the ceiling. It’s our go-to mom/daughter outing.

Because she’s such a lover of grilled cheese, our kid also likes Greenhouse Grille, but it can be a little slow (and a lot loud) for kids who are sensitive to such things.

Several parents noted that MarketPlace Grill is a good spot for parents and kids, with its varied menu, including pizza, pasta, burgers and salads. It’s pretty much always loud, too, which is good if your kids are pretty much always loud, and if you can tolerate it.

JJ’s Grill, a local chain with locations from Bella Vista to Conway, was mentioned by several parents as being a place the whole family can agree on. Its menu includes tacos, burgers, wings and similar bar type food in a relaxed atmosphere where kids eat free every day.

Pasta is a choice that most people can agree on, so Pesto Cafe is another good choice. The funky atmosphere is sure to keep kids entertained, and the food is yummy. One mom mentioned Mermaids Seafood as a choice her boys love, but I’m skeptical my kid would enjoy it. Knowing the child or children involved is a key to success in dining out with them, after all.

With that in mind, lots of parents recommended ethnic food that your kid is either going to be into or not, but it’s always worth it to try expanding their horizons, right? Friends mentioned KJ Sushi and Korean BBQ, R&R’s Curry Express, Payatta Thai Sushi (which does not seem to be on Facebook but is located at 1210 W. Sunset Ave. in Springdale) and Mandarin Bistro as places enjoyed by both kids and adults. We’re not saying it will seem like date night with your kids there, but at least it’s better than chain takeout or pizza, right?


Places to Eat Both You and Your Kids Will Like