Rob Nelson Joins Butcher and Pint as Executive Chef

Rob Nelson, owner and executive chef of Tusk and Trotter, is about to see his responsibilities expand in the Bentonville food scene as he adds executive chef to Butcher & Pint to his resume.

Nelson joins the nearly 17 year old butcher shop formerly known as Bentonville Butcher. The space underwent a brand and concept change in 2016, transitioning to a restaurant and sports bar theme to accompany their butchery services.

“The Butcher and Pint focuses on providing fresh, local, delicious products to its customers. This is very consistent with our mission and approach to food at Tusk and Trotter. The opportunity to leverage a full butcher assortment and an expanded set of equipment will allow us to experiment, invent and deliver new High South dishes to customers at both restaurants.” said Nelson.

Nelson will continue his role at Tusk & Trotter along with the new position with Butcher & Pint. The combination of both positions should allow some cross utilization between his meat centric menu at Tusk and Trotter and the butchering capabilities at Butcher & Pint. Additionally Butcher & Pint will allows for a more casual menu while still focusing on premium meats, something the place excelled at under previous executive Travis McConnell.

The move is set to take place effective immediately. The full press release is linked below.

Download (PDF, 319KB)


Rob Nelson Joins Butcher and Pint as Executive Chef