Rose Stop: Serving Up Gyros With a Smile

It’s easy to miss Rose Stop International Delicacy, a little gas and grocery mart on the corner of Pleasant and Sunset in Springdale. Kum and Go and Casey’s gas stations have been popping up all over town, and seem to have everything you need when you’re filling your tank. But they do not have gyros. And they most certainly don’t sell dried lemons.

When I stopped in to meet the face behind the gyros I’d been hearing about, I found out the station owner’s sister, Rose Dadras, is the namesake for the business and the cook behind the cuisine as well. Rose was extremely appreciative of my visit – even before she found out I was going to write about her. And after doing a little research, I found out there’s much more to her than this unassuming little shop would make you think.

There are a few small eat-in booths in front of the glass-front case that holds freshly made items such as breakfast burritos and pies, and Rose got busy working on my gyro as we chatted. She has an oven in the back of the shop, and makes all the baked goods there. The gyro meat was sliced and laid on a flat griddle to heat while Rose prepared the soft, warm flatbread with homemade tzaziki sauce, onion, tomatoes and shredded lettuce. There’s no reason to put a twist on something that is already perfect as is.

After my to-go order was boxed up, Rose showed me around the store, and I have to say their selection of international foods is impressive. There are two large refrigerated cases full of breads and other items that can be taken home and cooked up, and a wide variety of canned goods, pickles, mixes, and teas from the Mediterranean and middle-east. There are a couple of Asian markets in Springdale, and a number of stores offering Hispanic items, but this is the only one that features products from that part of the world.

The gyro was perfect, and a fantastic value at less than $5.00. I look forward to going back to try the Rose-made falafel.








Rose Stop: Serving Up Gyros With a Smile