Stone Mill Bread Adds Bentonville Cafe Location

Stone Mill Bread opened the doors on Gregg St in Fayetteville almost 20 years ago. In that time they have built a loyal following for their fresh made bread, sandwiches, and baked goods. They are now ready to expand the business and add a location in Bentonville this spring.

Stone Mill Bread opened in 1997 when the area of Gregg Street was still developing from owners Dan and Karen Dantzler. Dan still plays an active role in the restaurant, constantly in checking on quality and developing new breads. Much of the management work over time has shifted to his family, who now run the restaurant.

“Dan loves this place, he has been involved with every item we produce,” his daughter-in-law Ella Dantzler tells us. “The early years of this place were a bit of a struggle, but Dan believed in the product and it shows with the quality. He stuck with it and put as much effort into the space as possible, and it built a strong following, even bigger than this location can serve.”

The move north and adding a second location was not something the family took lightly. It has become a highly requested expansion for Stone Mill, but they wanted to wait for the right time to add another location. Finally when Dan Dantzler’s daughter Dana Comer and her husband Terry Comer became ready to lead the expansion the timing was right.

“There is not a week that goes by here that someone doesn’t ask when are you opening a location in Bentonville or Rogers,” Comer tells us. “Dan has wanted to expand for quite some time, but hasn’t had anyone who was ready to take it over. I retired last March and I decided to take over that expansion. We are looking forward to making our bread much more accessible for all of Northwest Arkansas.”

The new location is at 2903 S. Walton and will be a cafe featuring all of their breads, sandwiches, and other items available at the well-known Fayetteville store. The store will add a much larger seating area than the original Fayetteville location. The new location will also add a drive through pickup window, something that became quickly obvious that the location needed when we saw a line snaking out the door to pick up bread at the Fayetteville spot when we visited. They will not take orders at the window, but they will feature a mobile app so that customers can place their order for pickup.

Keeping the product consistent is something Comer is adamant about. They plan to take steps to make sure the quality is consistent across locations with the same exact product being served at both stores.

“People know and love our products, we want to make sure as we grow that we are providing the same experience across both locations,” Comer explains. “We are making some adjustments to our production to allow us to increase production while keeping the quality the same. Both stores will be baked at the same time and same location, we will just deliver the product to the Bentonville location daily.”

They hope to launch the Bentonville location for Stone Mill Bread toward the end of March.


Stone Mill Bread Adds Bentonville Cafe Location