Worst Restaurant Parking Lots in Fayetteville

After our sister publication Rock City Eats published its list of the worst restaurant parking lots in Little Rock, we got to thinking about the awful parking situations at some of our favorite spots in Fayetteville and beyond. And there are plenty of them. This is not a ranked order because they’re all pretty annoying in different ways. We’d love for you to chime in with your (least) favorites, too!

ROTC Grill

I’m not sure any maintenance has been done on this lot since ROTC and the Grill moved to this spot 18 years ago (man, has it really been that long?). Visitors are greeted with a pothole in the driveway and it doesn’t get any better after that. At least its a large lot, and the new retaining wall is beautiful.

Sassy’s Red House

Yes, they have a great patio, but parking can be nightmarish. The top paved lot (recently resurfaced) can lead to tricky navigation around other cars and a tree when people don’t park properly, and the lower lot is gravel, which can lead to a parking free-for-all. The location is also difficult to turn out of, in either direction.pesto cafe parking

Pesto Cafe

A common theme a friend of mine noted when I asked about problem parking lots on Facebook is when places that weren’t originally restaurants become restaurants. Such is the problem with Pesto Cafe, which has its own tiny lot in front of a motel. When that lot gets full, as it often does, patrons have to find spaces in front of the motel rooms, and there’s not a lot of space for maneuvering vehicles back there.

Cafe Rue Orleans

The same problem happens at Cafe Rue Orleans, which has the added fun of being on the side of a hill. Or, as one friend said “Nothing like parking at a 45 degree angle.”evelyn hills parking

Any Place in Evelyn Hills

This shopping center on College Ave. is home to several places to get food (and a couple more to open soon), but the parking lot leaves pretty much everyone scratching their heads. The lanes intersect at strange angles, the paint is hard to see, and if you turn wrong in front of Einstein Bro’s Bagels you’ll end up in their drive through without meaning to.

And Speaking of Chains

I wanted to keep this list mostly local, but my Facebook friends had other ideas, noting that the lot at Panera is too small, the Taco Bell drive through on North College is a mess, it’s possible to get in a wreck at Taco Bueno on Joyce (because the parking spaces back into the drive through lane) and Sonic on College is hard to navigate and turn out of.

Honorable Mention

Other bad parking spots mentioned include Rick’s Iron Skillet on South School (huge potholes), Loafin’ Joe’s on Mountain (not enough spaces), Onyx on Township (narrow lot that’s often really busy) and Tangiers on College (lot on a hill that’s hard to turn out of).

And Beyond Fayetteville

Some day we may do a list for other cities, so send us your suggestions. We already heard about Patrick’s Burgers on Elm Springs in Springdale, noted for being too small and hard to get in and out of, and Whole Hog in Bentonville, with an exit to an area so high in traffic you have to experience it to understand the crazy (admittedly Fayetteville’s Whole Hog isn’t great, either, being as it is in another ill-designed shopping center, Fiesta Square).


Worst Restaurant Parking Lots in Fayetteville